Healthy meals that support your community. 

We believe that everyone has a right to healthy food. And if you’re reading our vision page, you probably do too.

As part of Hope House’s commitment to addressing food insecurity in Guelph, Hope House created The Better Food Company, a social enterprise where 100% of proceeds support their community food work.

Our vision is to build a Better Food System where food is healthy, accessible and shared.

 food insecurity in Guelph

We recognize the value of food.

Food is a human right, but according to Statistics Canada, 1 in 7 people struggle to afford and attain nutritious food. We started The Better Food Company because we believe that removing the financial barriers to food is the most effective way to solve food insecurity.

Last year, Hope House shared over $500,000 of groceries to low-income families through their food market. Our goal with The Better Food Company is to sell healthy, prepackaged meals to community members like you so we can grow Hope House’s community food work.


Meals that support your community.

We’re building a community food system that’s focused on relationships. And we want you to be a part of it. Buying a prepared meal from us is a small action that has a large impact. Each meal helps to fund our Better Food System, which provides healthy produce and meals to those who need it through Hope House’s food distribution programs.

Not to mention, our ready-to-eat meals are prepared using the freshest, local ingredients. Our produce is grown locally at Hope House’s farm, and through our partnerships with the top chefs and restaurants in the area, you can always be certain that your meal is healthy and high-quality.

And because we put community first, you can always be certain that you're playing a part in ensuring everyone has access to healthy food.

A community-first food system. 

The Better Food Company makes you feel good on every level. Not only do you receive tasty and high-quality meals, you’re also supporting a local food system that puts community at the centre. From farm to table, you can be certain that we are prioritizing relationships, whether it’s our relationship to the community, to cooks, to the land, to our farmers, or to you. 

Here's how your meal purchase makes an impact:

How to get started today:

Select your meals.

Order a single meal or order them in bulk! Every month, we have a new featured partner preparing our meals. Preorder them before they sell out!

Pick up meal at Hope House 

Meals are ready for pick up on the Thursday afternoon and Friday morning of production week. Pick up your ready-made meals on Thursday at First Baptist Church and on Friday at our Guelph location of10 Cork Street East. All you need to do is heat and eat! For specific reheating instructions, follow the directions on the product card included with every meal.

Make your next meal count

Food is so much more than just a transaction. For the cost of a takeout meal, you can help us create a Better Food System in Guelph.

Click here to see all of our meals available.


Our partner.

Hope House partnered with The Community Company to research, brand, and launch The Better Food Company over a one year period.

The Community Company is a Certified B Corporation that works with leading charities to create sustainable social enterprises. To learn more about their work, visit their website at