Building a better food system, today.

Like you, we want to contribute to a better food system in our Guelph community. But we recognize that as an individual, it's a daunting goal and it's hard to know where or how to start.

We created The Seed-to-Table Project to provide you direct opportunities to participate in a better food system.

We are inviting you to join us at Hope House's Market Garden and Commercial Kitchen to help grow and share produce and meals for our community. 

Our goal is to show that creating a better food system can start in your own backyard, and that we have the ability to grow food for everyone who needs it.

Each week, you have the opportunity to volunteer with the garden team to help grow 15,000+ pounds of produce annually that will:

1) Be shared with the 3,000+ food insecure community members registered through Hope House's food market
2) Become the foundational ingredients for all Better Food Company meals in 2022
3) Be used in the production of our 750 Seed-to-Table Community Meals that will be shared with Hope House and other food security agencies in Guelph for free distribution to food insecure individuals

There are six different steps in our Seed-to-Table Project that you can participate in:

Step One: Planting (April 2022 to June 2022).

Plant the seeds and help us prepare Hope House's Market Garden for a productive 2022 season! This task includes planting, weeding, and general garden maintenance.

Step Two: Maintaining (May 2022 to September 2022).

Maintain the garden and ensure that our produce will be abundant and healthy in the fall. This task includes like watering, weeding, and garden upkeep.

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Step Three: Harvesting (July 2022 to September 2022).

Harvest the crops to share with our community. This task includes harvesting, weeding, washing, and other garden responsibilities. 

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Step Four: Prepping (September 2022).

Prepare the freshly harvested produce for cooking day! This task includes washing, cutting, and packaging our harvested produce.

Step Five: Cooking (September 2022).

Cook the 750 Seed-to-Table Community Meals in Hope House's Commercial Kitchen. This task includes cooking and cooking-related tasks.

Step Six: Distributing (September 2022).

Package all 750 Seed-to-Table Community Meal, prepare them for distribution, and distribute all across Guelph!

We are currently recruiting for Steps Two & Three: Maintaining & Harvesting. 

Join us at the Market Garden and help us plant the seeds (literally!) for our community food work. We encourage everyone to participate in every step of the process to fully experience a better food system.

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We have slots available every Saturday from 9:00am to 11:00am, as well as a few slots during the week.


Volunteer for kitchen production! 

Click here to sign up for our monthly meal production in the Hope House commercial kitchen! Every month, work with Chef Kay and our Partner Chef to hone your skills and help create delicious meals! Last full week of every month.