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Building Community Through Better Food.

Purchase a meal today to help us build a Better Food System in Guelph, Ontario.

Jaya James, Executive Director of Hope House

Better Together.

"Thank you for building a better community through your support of the Better Food Co. Every meal purchased or gifted resulted in those Guelphites who are in need having access to nutritious, and delicious food."

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We're creating a Better Food System in Guelph.

To us, a Better Food System is one that is building community through better food. Here's how our project works:

1. You Purchase our Locally Sourced and Healthy Meals

Our meals are prepared using farm fresh produce grown in our own neighbourhood. We then partner with top local restaurants and chefs to create our 100% Made in Guelph meals.

2. 100% of your Sale Supports our Food Programs

Through the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Hope House has access to an 8.4 acre plot of land in Guelph where we grow over 10,000 pounds of farm-fresh produce every year. All profits from our meals are invested into our community food work.

3. We Build Community by Sharing Food

In 2022 alone, we shared over $667,000 of groceries through our community food market and with other food security agencies in Guelph. By purchasing a meal, you help make our Better Food System possible.

Better Food.

For the same price as takeout, you can purchase a healthy vegetarian or vegan meal that's grown in your community and prepared by your community.

Better Community.

For the same effort as takeout, you can help sustain a food system where healthy food is shared with those who need it. We have a responsibility to share the food that our farm shares with us.

November 2023's meal created by

Chef Kay Miller

Chef Kay Miller is the head of food production at Hope House and is affectionately known as Chef Kay. She manages the pre-made meals that go into the Hope House Food Market, runs monthly food skills classes and group productions and lastly oversees the operation of the Better Food Co. 

Coming from fine dining and restaurants, her 15+ year career started as she learnt typical cooking styles in the desert regions of Mexico. After successfully running, operating and consulting for restaurants in the Guelph, Elora and London regions, she focused on developing her own catering company, Braai & Butter, highlighting her South African roots and offering unique culinary experiences and flavours. 

"Food is that one common thread between all peoples of all places, ethnicities or ages and with it, we can either just fill that basic need or change lives in small but impactful ways. What joys me most about our food programs here at Hope House is that we strive for quality, which silently speaks of appreciation for our community. Dignity (one of our core values) in action."

We can choose to use our money for good.

We've worked hard for our money. Let's have it work hard for us by supporting socially conscious community work.

Support our Better Food System.

For the cost of the takeout meal, you can purchase a meal today that supports The Better Food Company and our community work.

The Seed-to-Table Project

We recognize that as an individual, it's hard to know where or how to contribute to a community food system. We created The Seed-to-Table Project to provide you direct opportunities to join us in building a better food system, today.

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