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a hope house project

Healthy meals that support your community.

Help us create a Better Food System in Guelph, Ontario.

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Jaya James, Executive Director of HOPE House

Why The Better Food Company?

"Like you, we believe that everyone in our community should have access to fresh and healthy food. Our newest HOPE House project invites you to join us as we collectively address food insecurity in our community through the sale of 100% Made in Guelph meals."

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We're creating a community-first food system.

One where food is healthy, accessible, and abundance is shared. Here's how it works:

1. You Purchase a Meal Online

Our meals are prepared using farm fresh produce grown in our own neighbourhood. We then partner with top local restaurants and chefs to create our 100% Made in Guelph meals.

2. Proceeds Support our Farm

Through the Ontario Trillium Foundation, HOPE House has access to an 8.4 acre plot of land in Guelph where we grow over 10,000 pounds of farm-fresh produce every year. All profits from our meals are invested into our community food work.

3. We Share our Abundance

In 2020 alone, we shared over $500,000 of groceries through our community food market and with other food security agencies in Guelph. By purchasing a meal, you help make The Better Food Company possible.

Better Food.

For the same price as takeout, you can purchase a healthy vegetarian or vegan meal that's grown in your community and prepared by your community.

Better Community.

For the same effort as takeout, you can help sustain a food system where healthy food is shared with those who need it most. Food is a gift from the Land and we have a responsibility to share it with others.

November 2021's meal created by

Chef Jonathan Gushue

Jonathan is one of Canada's most decorated chefs. He has been recognized as Ontario's and Canada's Chef of the Year. He was a competitor on Iron Chef Canada. He was formerly the Executive Chef for Elora Mill, Langdon Hall, and Fogo Island Inn.

His September 2021 meals sold out within 72 hours, so we recommend pre-ordering the meals now before they sell out again!

We can choose to use our money for good.

We've worked hard for our money. Let's have it work hard for us by supporting socially conscious community work.

Support our Community-First Food System

For the cost of the takeout meal, you can purchase a meal today that supports The Better Food Company and our community work.

Care to Share?

Sharing a meal not only brings you joy, but the thoughtful gesture can make another person's heart sing! Purchase a meal for a friend or for a member of your community and show your love and support through food.

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