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Building Community Through Better Food.

Purchase a meal today to help us build a Better Food System in Guelph, Ontario.

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Jaya James, Executive Director of Hope House

Better Together.

"Thank you for building a better community through your support of the Better Food Co. Every meal purchased or gifted resulted in those Guelphites who are in need having access to nutritious, and delicious food."

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We're creating a Better Food System in Guelph.

To us, a Better Food System is one that is building community through better food. Here's how our project works:

1. You Purchase our Locally Sourced and Healthy Meals

Our meals are prepared using produce grown on our farm and other local farms as much as possible. We then partner with local restaurants and chefs to create our 100% Made in Guelph meals.

2. 100% of your Sale Supports our Food Programs

Through the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Hope House has access to an 8.4 acre plot of land in Guelph where we grow over 10,000 pounds of farm-fresh produce every year. All profits from our meals are invested into our community food work.

3. We Build Community by Sharing Food

In 2023 alone, we shared over $667,000 of groceries through our community food market and with other food security agencies in Guelph. By purchasing a meal, you help make our Better Food System possible.

Better Food.

For the same price as takeout, you can purchase a healthy vegetarian or vegan meal that's grown in your community and prepared by your community.

Better Community.

For the same effort as takeout, you can help sustain a food system where healthy food is shared with those who need it. We have a responsibility to share the food that our farm shares with us.

April 2024's meal created by

Chef Pi Reyes

Cooking became a passion at a very early age. Growing up in a Filipino family where food is more than something to eat but a significant aspect of our culture, community and all of our get-togethers, I have always loved food and what it represents: love.

My culinary career started when I worked as a dishwasher at Earl’s at the age of 26. Having a late start gave me the focus to absorb and learn as much as I can in every position and in every company I worked for. It was not long until I got a job as a cook at Granville Island Hotel which only made me determined to be better, learn faster and work harder. Armed with my passion and experience I became sous chef and then a chef, working in different styles of venue such as pubs, corporate restaurants, and high-end resorts.

During COVID-19, I was asked by my friends to cook food for their parents that lived in my condo as their meal program had stopped delivering. I would leave the food by their door to eliminate any physical contact. My neighbours (and their families) were so grateful.

Word started to spread and more requests came in. I quickly realized that I loved doing it. I can be home with my son, help out my community, do something that I enjoy and make a living out of it. It came to a point where I had to make a choice (easier than I thought it would be) to leave the corporate world and start Pivate Chef.

Now I cook and deliver approximately 150 meals every week, and cater events such as anniversaries, family parties, weddings, work parties, business meetings, etc.

What started out as a way to help out became the foundation of my business: providing fresh elevated home cooked-meals, prepared with a lot of thought and heart, at an affordable price.

We can choose to use our money for good.

We've worked hard for our money. Let's have it work hard for us by supporting socially conscious community work.

Support our Better Food System.

For the cost of the takeout meal, you can purchase a meal today that supports The Better Food Company and our community work.


We recognize that as an individual, it's hard to know where or how to contribute to a community food system. Volunteer on the farm or in the kitchen and join us in building a better food system, today.

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